Championing Crypto Liquidity

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QASH is a utility token developed by the Japan-based company QUOINE with the purpose of facilitating their upcoming Liquid Platform. This platform aims to connect partnered exchanges through what is known as the 'World Book'. The intention is to take silos of liquidity, which are on individual exchanges, and connect them. This will ultimately increase the overall liquidity of the cryptocurrency market—overall improving the market and encouraging organic growth.

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The Liquid Platform is a blanket term for the technology which contains an amalgamation of financial services based around the cryptocurrency market. While this technology is not directly linked to QASH, it is relevant as QASH is the utility token for these services—the World Book being the most renowned of these services.

The World Book is the aspect of the platform linking together the partnered exchanges. So far, at least 17 exchanges are a part of the World Book, and while these names cannot yet be released, the CEO has commented that among these are major exchanges. The World Book can match an order made on one of the partnered exchanges to orders on any of the other partnered exchanges, including the exchanges owned by QUOINE. This is crucial, because if one exchange lacks liquidity then it can be balanced out by any one of the number of exchanges it is connected with. Furthermore, the World Book has a feature known as the 'Cross Currency Conversion Engine'. This can match trades that do not have the same trading pairs, which is expected to further increase liquidity as this service is not available elsewhere.

The Liquid Platform will also offer prime brokerage services, which can be a major draw to new cryptocurrency investors who hold major amounts of capital. One of the main benefits in this regard is the reduction of counter party risk, as investors will have access to many exchanges while only requiring one account on a secure exchange, hosted by a company that is certified by the Japanese Financial Service Agency.

Another service offered is the ability to take part in automated trading strategies. This will allow investors to use trading strategies designed by either QUOINE or a third party, and they can assess the level of past success before investing. Strategy creators are incentivised to create profitable strategies as they will be rewarded if investors in their plan see positive outcomes, adding another layer of organic growth to the network.

The World Book has been delayed recently due to a technical issue where fault has been pinned of a third party supplier, having now been pushed back to the end of April. However, the team behind QASH have been professional in communicating about this issue and there is no reason at this point to expect further setbacks.

Our rating: ★★★★★

Use Case

The QASH token is a utility token, meaning the success of the platform is inextricably linked to the success of QASH. A positive outcome for the Liquid Platform will inspire demand for QASH and ultimately raise the price of the token.

QASH's utility and incentive schemes on the Liquid Platform include:

  • All fees paid in QASH are discounted by 5%

  • Token of value using all of QUOINE's services

  • QASH can be used as credit collateral

  • QASH can be used to participate in trading strategies

In addition to this, QUOINE have stated that token holders will have periodic access to promotions and discounts, and early access to new features. QRYPTOS, one of QUOINE's exchanges, will be transformed into an ICO self-service platform. QASH holders will also have exclusive opportunities to invest in future ICOs.

QASH is currently and ERC-20 token, with plans to migrate onto it's own blockchain in 2019. As of now, the utility of QASH is minimal. However, with the launch of QUIONE's project and the expectation that the development of the programme will meet its roadmap, the future utility of the QASH program is more than hopeful.

Our rating: ★★★☆☆

Team & Company

The team behind QASH, QUOINE, have an impressive depth of experience stemming histories in large financial and technological companies. This experience is relevant in terms of their goals of providing a suite of financial services to large institutional investors in cryptocurrency.

QUOINE is licensed by the JFSA, which cannot be understated since this is a notoriously strict regulatory body. QUOINE are also pro-regulation, which can be a controversial stance in the cryptocurrency space. However, at this point in time some degree of regulation appears inevitable, and QUOINE have stated that being pro-regulation will provide a commercial advantage by allowing them to excel and stand out from their competitors.

The team is also very transparent. The CEO provides weekly updates on the company, their new token listings, and more. These are sent out via email, and across a variety of social media including Reddit and Telegram. On top of this, the team have recently been taking part in an increasing amount of interviews. Overall, the team is doing well to promote the best features of their prodiuct.

QUOINE also have a policy of having 100% cold storage wallets for their exchanges. This is in the interest of security. It is a very interesting feature—and a point that other exchanges cannot make.

Our rating: ★★★★☆


QUOINE aim to significantly increase the liquidity of the crytocurrency markets by interconnecting many large exchanges and matching orders between exchanges and currencies. The goal of this project, with QASH as the utility, is ambitious. However, the team has experience and have been marketing well to show they have the capability to do so. Overall, this project is certainly worth doing further research on to fully understand its scope, and whether it is worth your investment.


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