Mission Statement

TheBitFeed is produced in the spare time of a small team of people who have a genuine interest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the distrubtion of resources through emergent decentralised forces. Members of TheBitFeed work or study in fields of software engineering, legal technology and research, journalism, and business management. Members live in Sydney, Australia.

We created TheBitFeed out of concern of the current dialogue in the cryptocurrency space: Facebook day-trading groups draw diagrams and roll the dice on large investments, forum threads vouching for tokens receive thousands of upvotes without any reference to the fundamentals of a product, and Youtubers with grainy face-cams scroll through coinmarketcap.com explaining their vague investment rationale to thousands of subscribers. Essentially, people are blindly following the blind in the hopes of riding the next big wave. There is nothing more indiciative of a bubble than this level of group-think.

In response, TheBitFeed is choosing to review and analyse projects with the variable categories of use case, team, technology, key partnerships, and social influence. Not all of these are applicable to every product. We use a star-rating system to assess the longevity and liklihood of success of the product and to provide some method of comparison between projects. These stars are not definitive on their own and should be considered in the context of the statements supporting their rating.


Any inquiries can be made to: thebitfeed@gmail.com.

Alternatively you can follow @kingluca on Twitter for more regular updates.


Nothing published on TheBitFeed platform constitutes as legal, financial, or investment advice, and any representation made as such is invariably false. Representations made by team members on social media or any other forum do not represent the opinions of TheBitFeed project, and only the offical outlets of TheBitFeed (accessible on the banner of the website) are to be considered as statements made by TheBitFeed.